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Assorted Topics in
Cat Care &
Non-profit Management

Internships & trainings with Teacher Tevi aim to give you deep knowledge with guidance, supervision and resources to build your expertise. Gain credentials and experience working with Cat Beach Sanctuary to help rescued cats as a Virtual Volunteer online or in purr-son at the sanctuary. 

CAT CARE 101  Based on a lifetime of cat care and 10 years of cat shelter management, trainings are now available on many cats' welfare topics as slideshows, videos and personalised video chats for training. What do you want to know about cats? 

SHELTER MANAGEMENT  The new fields of shelter management, feline medicine and community cat care have made huge advances in recent years. Learn about the international standards and practices for animal welfare. I have done extensive research on Cat Friendly Practices and courses including Certified Rabies Educator, Certified for Trap-Neuter-Return, This training is suitable for those who wish to work in animal welfare or operate a shelter.

NONPROFIT MANAGEMENT  As a consultant and executive of arts, environmental and animal welfare organizations over 40 years, I can provide guidance and resources on all aspects of nonprofit management including administration, finances, fundraising, and organizational behaviors. For this training or internship, you will participate in making a difference for the rescued cats at Cat Beach Sanctuary.

DIGITAL MARKETING   Mastering skills in digital marketing is essential in the 2020's and the forseeable future. Gain knowledge and experience with website, email and social media content and design. While you help the Cat Beach Cats, you can develop the tools you can use to start your own online business, help other charities, and build your own personal brand. Learn how you can use your new Super Powers!

Work from your Heart

With the internet resources, we all have new Super Powers to make change in the world. Work with me as a Trainee, Intern, or Virtual Volunteer to make a difference for the causes we care about.

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